ISTA (Integrated Science & Traditional Approach) is a Health Care Service Provider in the field of Ayurveda. ISTA is established to provide total health care solutions to all health problems and diseases – Body, Mind and Soul by means of Natural Herbo mineral Medicines.

ISTA is Preventive , Curative, Suggestive one stop ceneter for all health problems from New Born to Old Age. We offer an individualized approach for cure, prevention and management of diseases.

  • Dr. Anand Shirolkar – B.A.M.S.(Integrated)
    Anorectal Disorders | Bone & Joint Disorders | Emergency Care
  • Dr. Ramesh N. – M.D.
    Infertility | Sexual Disorders & Hormonal Disorders
  • Dr. Yoganarasimhaiah N. – M.D(Ayu)
    Skin & General Diseases | Specialist in Basti

  • Dr. B.A. Venkatesh – M.D.
    Ear | Nose | Throat & Eyes Diseases
  • Dr. V. Anupama – M.D.
    Streeroga & Prasuti Tantra

  • Dr. S. Shankar – M.D.
    Ksharakarma & Surgery
  • Dr. Tanveer Ahmed – B.U.M.S.
    Unani – Cupping Treatment
  • Dr. P.N. Shilpa – M.D.
    Women Care Ksharkarma & Surgery
  • Dr. Jayapalan
    Siddha Medicine

  • Dr. Sindhur Nagaraj – B.A.M.S, TCEM, M.Sc(Yoga)
    Yoga Consultant

  • Dr. S Deepa – B.A.M.S, M.D (Shalya)

  • Dr. Chidanand G – B.A.M.S, M.D (Kaya Chikitsa)

Our Vision


To improve the quality life span of the individual

To provide total health care solution to the patient