Abhyanga (Massage)

  • Massage with medicated oils helps to promote Strength. Sleep and Growth.
  • Specially Applying oil over the head. Ears and feet helps to prevent diseases.
  • Avoid oil bath during cough. cold, Respiratory infections, diarrhoea, Menstrual periods and Fever.

Shiro Dhara

  • Pouring or Dhara medicated oils overhead between eyebrows continuously for 45mins helps in Stress.
  • A migraine headache, Insanity, Epilepsy, Psoriasis, Blood pressure, Cerebrovascular diseases and Nervous disorders.
  • Specially Takra Dhara helps in Diabetic Neuropathy &Anxiety Neurosis, and ENT Diseases.

Swedana (Steam)

  • Sweat is Mala or Toxin through Skin pores is eliminated.
  • The therapies which helps in producing perspiration are called Swedana.
  • Certain Warming procedures are done to dilate the srotas and to make the body sweat.
  • This is done after oil massage locally or whole body except head.
  • Helps in eliminating Toxins, Obesity and other Nervous disorders.

Kati Basti

  • Oil over Kati(Lumbar or Backside )-Warm Medicated oil is poured in the middle of Ring made of urad flour for 45 minutes.
  • It helps in Strengthening Lumbar Muscles,Nerves and Lubricates the Joints.

Kshara Sutra

  • This is medicated herbal chemicals used to prepare KsharaSutra which is used in tieing around External Haemorrhoids or Arshas or Piles.
  • It helps in getting rid of Piles without Surgery.
  • In Fistulas and Fissures also Ksharakarma helps to heal.

Pinda Sweda

  • Potali is prepared by taking leaves of Castor oil plant, Nirgundi or Lakki soppu.datura and Tamrind leaves fried in the pan using medicated oils, Garlic. Lemon pieces and bolus is made &Applied warmly on painful body parts.
  • It helps to relieve pains in Rheumatism, Osteoarthritis and other Vata diseases.